Friday, June 11, 2010



You know I was quite happy to see my blog restored however I have already made my decision and it's final, I'm moving to a new site. That's right, I'm moving and I'm abandoning this blog. The reason I'm doing that is because well after seeing that my blog could disappear so easily and get marked as spam so easily it could happen again and can really be a problem for me in the future. I would rather have a place that is safer and more likely to not get taken down for some stupid reason. Trust me, most scanlators have moved from the blogger or wordpress and since my popularity is quite high I think its best I made the same move... don't worry everything will be the same pretty much just a new site that's all. So yeah, head on over there and bookmark that new site.

Oh and before I forget here is the new place lol - Faytear's new home


Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Vacation

UPDATE - May 16, 2010

Hey people, how's everyone doing? I'm still on vacation but I figured I'd drop by and give you all a little update and let you all know I'm still alive lol. Anyway vacationing is nice, very interesting indeed. Being in an asian country is different than back home though I look like a local so its pretty funny when people try to speak in another language and I'm just nodding my head acting like I know what their saying to me. Right now I am trying to buy anime type stuff and whatnot, I manage to pick up a real copy of Code Geass Season 1-2 at a pretty cheap price (when converted to Canadian dollars). I'll see if I can post pictures when I get back and whatnot. I wanna go try getting a full body massage with some service though I'm trying to be careful, I don't wanna get no disease or anything like that. Oh yeah, how are things going on the H-manga side, any good series I should check out when I get back? Any great stories (good and bad)? I also just read the chatbox and damnnnnnn looks like someone did the oneshot I was gonna do... sigh... I was afraid of that while I was away. Anyway I did have a quick look a some emails and if you want to send me an email then go ahead, I do like reading everyone's emails no matter how random they can be lol. So yeah, I hope all is well with you all and keep me updated.

Hey Everyone,

Well for those of you that do visit my blog on a regular basis this is an important announcement. I'm gone on vacation. That's right I'm gone for 1 month and won't be back until June 4th so don't expect a release until then. When I get back I'll resume my editing and recruiting of editors.

If you guys or gals see any scanlators that are doing any one of my donor projects please let them know I'm gonna be working on them when I get back so there is no double works. Also behave while I'm away lol. The chatbox will still be up for you all to chat away and whatnot however be aware that there is someone monitoring the chatbox while I'm away so the rules still apply even when I'm away. Now I realize I'm gonna miss out on a month of newly raw scans, so if you guys spot any good tanks or ntr raws please let me know when I get back since I'm a raw collector myself.

Anyway, when I get back I'll let you all know. For now please hold off on emails, if you do send me an email I won't be able to reply until I get back and same deal with donations. I'll do all my MF updating when I get back and any other updates that need to be done.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[Pon Takahanada] An Angel's Marshmallow Chap 8/Vol 1 Complete

Here is #2 of my final releases before I go on vacation. This chapter completes the first Volume of this series. So another series is complete, well just the first volume at least. Anyway the last chapter is quite an interesting one since the 2 girls meet and well check it out to see what happens. I don't wanna spoil it here. My final thanks to Dennis for funding the script and DGB for the scripts on this. I edited chapter 4+ and Oronae did the first 3 chapters so many thanks to him for the work on the first 3. Now then, I'll be making a post later on during the day and that will be my post just letting everyone know I'm away. As for Volume 2 of this series, Oronae said he'll do it, however he said he just wants to see it get done, so he actually doesn't mind if I pick it up. Again he just wants to see that series getting done, so when I get back assuming Oronae hasn't started on it or doesn't mind me picking it up I'll pick it up. The catch is I won't be doing the editing for it. It'll be one of the people I'm recruiting that will be editing that project. Anyways people, check it out and

DF / UP / MF

Complete Volume
DF / UP / MF

[Sanbun Kyoden] Sayuki no Sato Chap 17

Alright well I have 2 releases for today before I leave. This is the first one. Firstly lemme first say that chap 18 side A and B are not done (I haven't even started on them yet). So that means I'll do them when I get back. It's not that I didn't wanna do it, it was more like I needed to use my time wisely since I still have exams and I need to pack and do other important life stuff before I leave for vacation. So yeah at least you get one more chapter before I leave. I would imagine the rage will be more for me then the chapter lol. Anyway in this chapter we see more plot developments and schemes from the head of the town. I think Shuu needs to get laid badly lol. Many thanks to Brolen for the scripts and Kamineko for the funds on this chapter. Stay tuned for the next release in a few mins but for now check this out in the meantime and

DF / UP / MF

Monday, April 26, 2010

[Kira Hiroyoshi] The Lecherous Membrane Chap 6

Hey everyone, well this next release ties in with the recruiting I've been doing. I'm currently still in that process as I'm still waiting for people to finish their test edits and evaluating them. For now though I have chosen Tornomer to be an editor and part of the crew, so I would like to formally welcome him and I will be giving him a tank to work on. I'm not sure yet which one I'll be giving him but I'll let you all know. I've given him his own tag so you guys will be able to find edits done by him. Anyway he edited the next chapter of Lecherous and in this chapter we get to see an actress and idol in some crazy action. I've actually recently just been checking out some of Kira Hiroyoshi's works and I must say, his works are surprisingly good, a little weird in terms of art but the exaggeration in his art is good sometimes. So yeah, many thanks to Torn, Brolen and Anonymous for this. As for news, well since its monday that means I've got 3 days before I leave. Mannnn I wish I had more time... Anyway, by the looks of things I might even have to continue recruitment after I get back. Hmm oh well, anyway enough talk check it out and

DF / UP / MF

Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Fuusen Club] Kan no Arashi Chap 1-5

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

[Carn] Dere Nochi Torare Chap 1

Well I guess the people who guessed were wrong again lol. So this is my next release, and I think I smell a hit with this one. In terms of art it is nothing short of amazing. Story wise this is a oneshot that involves 3 girls and a guy and its actually pretty interesting lol. Been a while since I've seen something like this, check it out and you'll understand. This wasn't really an easy edit so I hope you like it, definitely took longer to edit then all my other stuff. Many thanks to Highlow88 for the funds on this chapter and Brolen for the translations as always. As for news, well I'm pretty tired and I'm also running out of time in terms of editing. My very last post and release will be on Wed just to let you all know so expect a release on that day as well as a post just letting people know I'm away. Anyway I'm dead tired so check this out I'm sure a lot of you will like this.

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