Monday, September 14, 2009

[Youkai Tamanokoshi] Steel Heroines Vol 2

Here we go. Now this is a huge upgrade from yesterday's post, similar art style in my opinion, but this is much better with the censors and the story makes much more sense. Anyways in this, we are introduced to a new character (for those like me who have never played the game). This chick is pretty hot and the action in this is real good. Some of the dialogue is really great as well. I'm not sure how this is gonna tie in, in the next 2 volumes that are left but hopefully it will be good. Many thanks to Omega999 and Brolen. On to news. I hope to get out and finish glasses school on wednesday, if not then thursday for sure.



Ehud said...

Many thanx fayt, Omega999 and Brolen.

Mel said...

Nice translation, but Ryuusei's last name is supposed to Date.